five star management

About us

Our "Why"

We all know that our time is valuable, because it’s the one thing in this world you can’t get back. At Five Star Management, we create an exceptional service experience for our busy clients to ensure the professional and safe atmosphere that is essential for success. For corporations, our cleaning and landscaping service fulfills everything needed to provide that first class experience that resonates with all who experience it. For our residential clients, we do whatever it takes to deliver an unparalleled service that makes your life more convenient, fulfilling and fun. And we do it all knowing you deserve nothing less than a five star experience. 

Life is too short to settle for anything less, start your Five Star Experience today.

Our Team

Our team maintains a top-notch professional image that will complement your business. All personnel are bonded and insured. In addition, all staff is security checked with the local police authorities ensuring that your building and residential inventory are always secure.


Our people are our greatest asset. The service industry is notorious for having a high turnover of staff, but we pride ourselves on delivering top notch service on a consistent basis to ensure your Five Star experience. We treat our people right, which translates into higher job satisfaction and consistent quality service for the client.